In the evolution of business, Harbour Island has maintained its development and constantly expands its network, opportunities and business goals. Through a segmented analytical approach, the corporation has identified and harnessed its potential resources and optimized the provided services leading to the creation of an Integrated Marketing Department.

Thorough research, analysis and market knowledge are the key components to the successful implementation of marketing strategies combining traditional marketing, ATL and BTL advertising and public relations with digital and social network marketing, direct marketing and unconventional mobile positioning, as well as other platforms.

With years of experience in the introduction, marketing and distribution of a variety of products and services as well as tangible and non-tangible services, Harbour Island has proved its position as one of the leading integrated media conglomerates in Bulgaria and holds key positions in Europe and the Middle East.

The variety of services offered by Harbour Island and its subsidiaries provides a full-scope, in-house, full-service opportunity for the introduction and development of products and services locally, nationally and globally.

The Harbour Island team of marketing experts have gained experience in every major industry represented in Bulgaria and are recognized for their outward and innovative thinking that adapts to the arduous developments brought on by the financial crisis, using it as an opportunity for growth and increase of market share.

Our strength is our understanding of the horizontal integration of different aspects of business behaviors. Our team is not divided between advertising and PR experts, marketing gurus and financial wizards. At Harbour Island every aspect of the business process is maintained, monitored and mentored by marketing experts who understand the importance of a streamlined integration between marketing and finance, advertising and PR, branding and creative campaigns.