Market Analysis

Includes a complete analysis and report employing the most current data, sociological methods, focus-groups, current news cycles, financial reports, forecasts. The methods are tailored for each client, product and service and are implemented only after an in-depth SWOT analysis of every client, product and service. The result is an industry-wide market analysis that reveals possible niches, problems and, mainly, opportunities for business development, positioning, branding and distribution.

In-depth marketing research

Conducted after careful consideration of the results of the market analysis. Provides insights into competition, consumer habits and preferences, distribution network and pricing. The in-depth marketing research is utilized in the development of a creative, innovative and cost-effective marketing strategy that embraces all the identified opportunities, while circumventing the weaknesses and threats identified through the analysis.

Marketing strategy

Every strategy developed by Harbour Island is unique for no product or service shares the same characteristics. The team at Harbour Island recognizes that in today’s digital age, marketing strategies need to provide flexible solutions that are changing daily, and therefore the creation of a strategy is never a one-time-deal, but a daily process encompassing the length required to achieve the chosen goals.


Whether the product or service is brand-new or carries years of successful recognition, branding continues to be one of the most important aspects marketing. Part of the process includes monthly monitoring of consumer opinions, even if the product is wildly-recognized. The monitoring allows our branding experts to anticipate any possible decline in the added-value perception of every product and service and to respond with an adequate series of branding activities aimed to increase and improve brand awareness.
Branding for new products and services is created and implemented

The Classic 5P’s

Products. Place. Price. Positioning. Packaging.
Harbour Island Records understands the importance of each one separately and of the effectiveness in their combined power. We can consult you on one, we can develop all five for you.

Creative campaigns

Creation and implementation of creative strategies incorporating all marketing aspects. Each campaign is tailored towards the client’s product, service and most-importantly – budget and is a direct-result of the marketing strategy. One of Harbour Island’s biggest strengths is the ability to match “good fits”. We know what context your product and service needs to be presented in and we are able to quickly organize not only the correct venues and media channels, but also the most direct access for consumers to a client’s product and service.


Typical advertising is not our strength. We specialize in the creation, production and implementation of television, radio, print, online, digital and mobile advertisements that incorporate the 21st Century into an intricate, but simple message related to consumers and potential business partners through a multi-platform presence. With the advent of product placement within the European Union, Harbour Island was able to highlight one of its biggest strengths – positioning a product or service in the right context, in direct reach with double-digit percentages of potential clients and consumers.

Integrated promotional services

The Harbour Island Special. We create the marketing strategy and then we implement it through an intricate network of advertising, public relations, digital marketing and direct marketing aspects that culminate in the most optimal presentation of the brand.


The company and its subsidiaries employ the most talented and sought-after experts in Bulgaria. The Harbour Island studio and staff provide the best service for the production of TV, Radio, Print, Mobile, Digital and Online advertisements, shows, video clips, songs, books, pamphlets and all other materials necessary for the successful implementation of any marketing strategy. We are yet to hear an idea we can’t bring to life.

Media buying

̉he company and its subsidiaries are part of the biggest network of media buyers in Bulgaria and the region, allowing our clients to profit from the exclusive pricing packages we are able to offer.

Public relations

One of the most important aspects of sound marketing is managing the public’s expectations, opinions and habits. Our experts maintain a 24-hour “open-line” with every public (clients, consumers, business partners, competitors, legislation, environmental agencies, NGO’s and so forth), which may have a direct or in-direct effect on the company, client, product, service. And our experts constantly develop and add value to the image of every key player in the value-added chain.