Harbour Island Records offers professional editing services for videos, documentaries, TV programs and other products that require post-production treatment. 

The studio offers high-quality post-production services including editing, dubbing, translation and subtitle services, trailer production and others for all media including online video materials.

PC Workstation: Two Xeon CPU 2,4Ghz,2Gb Ram+Deck Link Extreme.
Up To 2TB Hard Drives.
3x Apple MacPro Two 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon.
Final Cut Studio Pro Version 7:

  • Final Cut – editing software;
  • Color – software за Color Corrections;
  • Motion – effects software;
  • Shake – Compositing Software.
6 x Apple Cinema Displays 23”.
DVC Pro AJ-D250.
2 x Sony DVCAM DSR – 1500 AP.
Betacam SP-BVW-75P.
RIMAX PRO 1.1 duplicator double layer at a speed of 16x.